Specialising in comprehensive integrated support solutions.

With experience, a refined understanding of public, private & non-profit organisational structures, RFI’s consultancy & support services create a capability & capacity to deliver proactive, effective solutions for clients across multiple business sectors in diverse, complex and challenging environments.

RFI assists organisations to overcome the many strategic, management and operational challenges encountered in today’s fluid operating climates.
We nurture client’s interests and assets through expert planning, analysis & implementation, having worked extensively with groups from the extractive industries, energy, communications, healthcare/medical, transport, financial, government & non-profit sectors.

Our team is constantly evolving to meet client demands and deliver beyond expectations.

Harboring experience within RFI’s Key Personnel in over 50 countries, RFI maintains the accessibility and connectivity to facilitate the critical support elements & services required to deliver success at all verticals in some of the most challenging environments throughout Africa, the Middle East & Afghanistan.

Our team of specialised consultants drawn from private, commercial and government organizations is capable & adept at communicating and implementing strategies within corporate or field environments.

Value is defined by change, implementation, and results.