RFI provides in-house digital information management solutions supported by analytical resources to manage reputational risk, provide geofencing and socio-political risk intelligence, detect and manage fraud, and support legal discovery and investigations – all in one system.

RFI’s digital engine-room for fully-integrated information gathering and management is a proprietary in-house platform, with the ability to plug into existing organizational systems and software, commercial and private databases, and infrastructure monitoring tools.

Deployed for global extractive sector companies, law firms, financial services providers, and insurance companies, it is unrivalled in its power to process and link critical data sets. RFI Digital integrates these data sets in a secure, auditable manner, minimizes human error, and exploits machine learning – providing knowledge and unique insights by optimizing all aspects of information management in a scalable manner.

  • Information Management
  • Social Media Monitoring/Reputation Management
  • Geographical & Socio-political Reporting
  • Fraud Detection & Management
  • e-Discovery
  • Case Management