Training & Education

Operating in a 24/7 global environment, today’s visionary organizations – public & private – understand the necessity to align strategic objectives with personnel skills development for role requirements, skills transfer and redundancy, and most of all, empowerment. This reduces the rate of incident, builds a confident, safety conscious workforce and provides for competitive advantage.

Invest in your people, not for them.

Experienced in course delivery throughout Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan for support and frontline roles, RFI has empowered workforces consisting of Host Country Nationals and international personnel with the necessary skills and awareness to survive – in the field and in the office, not only for compliancy but more importantly for personal development, team building and leadership.

RFI is a full-service training solutions provider accredited by recognized learning institutions delivering mandatory qualifications, refresher & re-training programs, helping to build a confident and safety-conscious workforce.

Training packages consisting of employment-specific or tailored content, in one or multiple deliveries are available. RFI is also available to embed training managers within organizations to design and implement internal training programs covering multiple skill sets for compliance and development. Course delivery can be on-site or via online and blended learning platforms.

Health, Safety & Security

  • OHSS
  • HSE / HSSE
  • Food Handling & Preparation
  • Security Awareness & Pre-deployment (HEAT / SAFE)

Occupational & Artisanal Trades

  • Mechanical Trades
  • Welding & Pipefitting
  • Construction
  • Mining Operations
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • For oil & gas, energy projects, infrastructure & development projects

Operations & Management

  • Industrial operations
  • Corporate & professional services
  • Project management

Disabled Training

  • Occupational training for disabled persons.


  • Workplace & Industrial First Aid
  • First Responder
  • First Person on Scene (FPOS)

Law Enforcement

  • Public Order Policing
  • Human Terrain
  • Investigations & Evidence Handling
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Forensics
  • Cyber Crime
  • Anti-Poaching & Environmental Crime
  • Special Operations


  • Team Selection
  • Pre-deployment
  • Kit & Equipment
  • Special Operations